Video lessons for 3 – 8th grade students, $10/student with the purchase of a grade level package (printed & online teaching manual with Grading by Design)

Video lessons for 3 – 8th grade students, $10/student with the purchase of a grade level package (printed & online teaching manual with Grading by Design)

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Writing by Design Video Lessons, Grades 3-8:
Complete online video lessons & assessments for Personal Narrative, Informative, Argument, and Summary writing.

- Comprehensive, proven-effective instruction

- Individually paced according to student needs

- Class and individualized progress reports

As an option to teacher-delivered instruction, video lessons and online assessments have become  invaluable tools in students’ educational experiences. Video lessons offer the convenience of learning at  one's own pace, allowing students to rewind, pause, or fast-forward through content as needed. They also provide visual aids and demonstrations that can enhance understanding and engagement.  

Unique instructional benefits

• For students who were absent during teacher-delivered instruction, they allow students the  ability to receive the instruction without being left behind. 

• For students on Independent Study, they are a perfect vehicle for students to receive partial or  full-year instruction without requiring teachers to design and grade individual instructional  packets. 

• For students performing below grade level, video lessons can supplement and support their  understanding during grade-level instruction. 

• For teachers, video lessons transfer teacher time from lesson delivery to time for close  monitoring of student progress and responsive interventions. 

Online assessments have revolutionized the way students are evaluated. They provide immediate  feedback, allowing students to gauge their understanding and identify areas that require further  improvement.

Online assessments and progress reports provide teachers with information to target intervention support to individuals or small groups. They provide adaptive learning experiences that  cater to different learning styles and abilities.

They also provide data-driven insights into student  performance, which can inform instructional strategies and personalized learning plans. Additionally,  online assessments promote academic integrity by incorporating measures to prevent cheating, ensuring  that students are assessed based on their true abilities and knowledge. 

Overall, the value of video lessons and online assessments in education cannot be overstated. They  provide flexible, engaging, and effective ways of delivering and evaluating instruction, benefiting both  students and educators alike. As technology continues to advance, these tools are likely to play an  increasingly important role in shaping the future of education.